New Things

Zoe's life lately has been full-to-the-brim of new things.  New brothers, new sister, new foods (cold foods), new language, animals in the house (she LOVES the dog and cats, they don't so much like her much), gifts to open, people, friends, a car seat.  Considering all the new things, she is adjusting amazingly well.

We continue to discover new things about Zoe.  She loves to have her legs and feet rubbed and lotioned.  She adores music, and will sing La La La whenever music comes on.  She likes to drum with her daddy's drumsticks.  She loves baths.  She hates cribs.  She very much likes to be clean.  She understands just about everything we say to her, and she's starting to repeat sounds.  She gets sad at night sometimes.

Zoe has passed several milestones since we've known her - her first scoot (becoming mobile) December 7.  Her first pulling to stand December 20.  Her first standing alone (she was so proud!) December 27.  Her first cruising - from the couch to the footstool - December 29.  Notice a trend here?  She's definitely on the move!

Here's a couple cutie pie pictures for your enjoyment:

MMMM - Oatmeal!

And speaking of new things - The Artist was cast as Edmund in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  He's thrilled to have such a major role, and decided to get an Edmund haircut.

Here is he before the cut  - looking handsome but shaggy.

And after - a perfect Edmund - and a pretty cute Artist!

No. 1 Son is also in the show - as a evil wolf and as Father Christmas.  No haircut allowed for him.  If you are local and can come see the show, it should be great.  Click here for more info.  We'd love to see you there!

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  1. She'll soon be into everything. Glad she is doing so well. Blessings