Nanchang Day 12

Today we went and visited a local historical site - Tengwang Pavilion.  It showcases the history and culture of Jiangxi Province. 

The buildings in China - especially the historical ones - are so full of detail and beauty.  It's hard to take it all in.  Here is the ceiling on the top level.

Zoe wasn't particularly impressed.

This is the view from the Pavilion across the Gan River to the New City, a whole new area built in the last 8 years.  And yes, that is smog.

We hung out in the playroom after naptime waiting for our laundry to be returned.  Zoe can spend hours sitting and playing with toys.

Time for a banana break.

Getting her ready for bed I discovered she can do the splits.  Amazing flexibility!

That just looks so uncomfortable to me!


  1. Love the pictures, my daughter Ava has the same pajamas!

  2. Love the headbands.

  3. wow! how does she do that?
    another talented Marshall!