Guangzhou Day 17

Today we went to the Guangzhou XiangJiang Safari Park and Zoo.  What a great place!  They have so many animals, including half of all the white tigers now alive in the world.  On our way in we stopped to look at the beautiful black swans.  I realized that pretty much everything Zoe saw today would be new to her.  She loved it!

The first part was a drive through the Safari Park, where they had all sorts of exotic animals.  The boys took hundreds of pictures.

Then we went and saw the regular zoo part - again, amazing animals. 

Zoe said her first real word at the zoo.  It was Koala - while we were at the Koala Exhibit.

She also said Panda at the Pandas.

There was a panda character that took a liking to The Artist - freaked him out a little :')

We found an awesome platypus bench, just perfect for No. 1 Son to pose on.

There was a station where you could feed the giraffes.  Even Zoe wanted to try.  She is definitely an adventurous girl!

Caden and Zander feeding giraffes

On a more sober note - today The Man showed me the pictures from his trip to Xinyu, where Zoe is from.  When we put up a picture of her orphanage, she had an immediate and strong reaction.  She sort of stiffened and froze and looked scared.   I did not expect that at all - I didn't figure she had been outside enough to recognize the building.  But she certainly recognized something.
We closed the computer and went on with our day, but when bedtime came she cried and cried.  I believe she is grieving her old life.  Good, bad or in between, it was her life, and she had caregivers and friends she was close to.  So I held her and let her cry, and sang to her and prayed for her.  Please pray for her transition - as it is really hitting her now.  Pray that I know how to comfort her, and when to let her grieve.


  1. praying---praying for you to know how to comfort her during this grieving process and transition. love seeing her blossom...she's talking now! awesome!!! koala! : ) laura, your updates rock. xo Laura Garcia

  2. Laura, you keep touching my heart! You are all very lucky to have such a great, loving family, and I'm lucky just to even know you exist. ♥

    (Funny that the name you've picked for her is my "other" name!)

    - AF

  3. ohmygoodness - the Artist being squeezed to death by a giant stuffed panda is kinda priceless. makes me think of that book 'Lost on Planet China' which you should definitely read now if you haven't already!! also really love this last pic, where we get to really see her eyes. so beautiful after only getting the far off orphanage pics for so long! love you! .. laura

  4. Praying intently. I love seeing her blossom just in the pictures alone. I also love the pictures of you and her. They are so beautiful! Miss you all!!!