Nanchang Day 14 and Travel

Today was our last day in Nanchang, and in Zoe's home province of Jiangxi.  She dressed up extra special in her pink tutu for the occasion.

We headed over to Dio Coffee for our breakfast.  They have Western food and good fresh juice.  And coffee.

The Man has figured out that the way to Zoe's heart is to feed her and be fed by her.  It's working well - she's warming up to him nicely.

In fact, she's changing and growing rapidly in many ways.  She is spending much less time closed down, and as of today she is officially mobile.  She scooted a couple of feet across the playroom to get a toy.  There's no stopping her now!

Also - she loves shoes!

Another thing she learned to do today is drink from a straw - a very important skill in our world.

Zoe has also begun to show off her skill in pointing at things she wants, which usually brings a brother running with whatever it is she is pointing at.

It's really so much fun watching her learn and bloom.  Tonight we leave Jiangxi Province and being her adventure far from home.  I think she's ready for it.


  1. Yea, Zoe!! She is really making quick progress, that's good to see! Xo nancy s.

  2. already flourishing in such an amazing family! we're SO excited to meet her - all the boys were talking last night about what great brothers she's getting. :-) .. L.

  3. "She loves shoes."
    You just KNOW she get that from her Aunty Ang. *Sniff.*Sniff* So proud.

  4. No, it's obviously a purely biological trait from me. Sent to her from across the world. Ehhem.