We got Pre-Approval today for our adoption of our little one! Hooray! We are all excited and a little scared :') It still feels unreal that after all this time we know who she is!

We should be able to travel to get her somewhere between November and February.

I've been looking at her pictures, trying to figure out what she actually looks like live and in person. I suspect she has the kind of beautiful eyes that almost disappear when she smiles, but it's hard to tell because she is so serious in all her photos. We will be able to post her pictures and her name once we get our next document from China, hopefully in 5 to 8 weeks.

We still don't know her actual measurements. Hopefully we will get at least one update before we travel so we know what size clothes to buy for her.

We are very blessed.


New Things

It's been a big day at our house. 11 years ago today The Artist was born. We are so blessed to have him as a son! He got several items for his birthday that he was very excited about.

Like a DSiXL

And a pogo stick (gotta love the hair!)

Unfortunately, he started feeling bad, and by noon was definitely sick. He spent the rest of the day like this:

I told he we would officially postpone his birthday until next week. Please pray with me that this passes quickly and he gets back to his normal, silly, bubbly, awesome self soon.

Z has a big day today also - he lost his second top front tooth. He looks a bit like a vampire when he smiles a certain way:

But really he's just so cute this way!

And in other, very important, news, we send in our Letter of Intent today for the little one who will hopefully be our #5. Our agency will look everything over and submit it to China, and hopefully we will hear in a week or so that we have PreApproval (PA) for her. Then we will have to wait about two months for official approval, and at that point we can post pictures. Until then, just take our word for it -she's just beautiful!


A Little One

Our agency called yesterday to tell us there was a little girl they though we might be interested in. She has a shorter right leg and a deformed foot, and she is only 13 months old. Did we want to see the file? Of course!

So after looking the file over and consulting with a doctor, we are praying for God's wisdom as to whether this little one is our daughter. Honestly, I had mentally prepared myself for an older child - 3 or 4 years old - not a baby. I didn't think it would be possible to get a little one so young. The doctor says she looks mentally normal and physically fine other than the right leg.

But 13 months old! She would be 19 months or older by the time we were approved to travel to get her. Will you join us in praying for wisdom? Here is a little glimpse of her saying hello: