The wonderful Anne at Red Thread China (www.RedThreadChina.com) got updates for us of Zoe!  Isn't she just gorgeous!

Don't you just want to put a smile on that little face?

As for the institutional hair cut - say goodbye to that look.  This is the shortest her hair will ever as long as I have anything to say about it.

We also got updated measurements that show she's not grown in the past four months, still 30 inches high and 22 pounds.  She looks healthy and warm - and sad.  I just can't wait to bring her home!


Care Package

Today we are sending a care package to Zoe at her Social Welfare Institute.  We used RedThreadChina.com so that the Institute would not have to pay import fees to receive the package. Anne at RedThread sent these pictures of what is inside the package - two outfits, a soft blanket, a toy, some hair clips, a photo album, a camera and a letter with some candy for her caretakers.

She will get this soft photo album with these pictures inside.  I don't know what the labels say...

The camera has her name on it.  Hopefully we will receive it back when we meet Zoe with pictures of her life inside.

Anne did a beautiful job choosing items.    She is also asking for an update on Zoe, so it is possible we might get new measurements and even pictures!  That would be such a blessing! 


25 Years

The Man has been out of town for several days now ministering to a very good friend who is fighting for his life. He has been deeply immersed in this foreign, overwhelming, amazing experience while keeping the business running

So imagine my surprise to find this on my table when I got home yesterday:

The attached card read "Happy 25th Anniversary of our First Date (one day late)."

Wow. We have been a couple for 25 years. And he remembered it!

So, a message for The Man, two days late:

Thank you, my dear husband, for being my faithful, loving other half for a quarter of a century. Thank you for being my memory, of reminding me of special things that have happened when I get caught up in the daily. I love you.


One step closer

We are one small step closer to traveling to China. Yesterday we were notified that US Immigration has approved Zoe to become a US citizen. Now the paperwork goes to the Visa center for travel approval from them. We are still looking to travel between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

I added an adoption timeline to the right side of the blog. We had the worst homestudy experience I have ever hear of - it took more than a year to get it done. It usually takes just a few months. My advice to potential adoptive parents: Choose your homestudy agency carefully!

I recently uploaded a bunch of photos from this summer off of a camera I had misplaced. There were a bunch of pictures from our trip to Nebraska to visit family on the 4th of July. We spent some time at my sister's house with cousins. There were even kittens!

Z hanging with cousin S.

Loving the kittens!

Cousins E and E from Arizona want to try out the awesome 4-wheeler.

But No. 1 Son actually got to drive it.

This is the house I grew up in - a sturdy old 4-square on acres of land. I'm so glad my sister has it now and is taking such beautiful care of it.

My Mom and Dad watching the kids set off fireworks.

The wonderful Lincoln Children's Museum:

I'm sure you can see why Z loves this place!