I am taking an online photography course from the awesome woman at www.AshleyAnnPhotography.com.  We got a new camera just before we went to meet Zoe, and I haven't begun to master it.  So today's post is all pictures, some using what I am learning, and some just for fun.

These last two were taken by Bryan but were too good not to include:



We spent the last two days hanging around with family.  Zoe got to meet some new people, and so did mom and dad.

Cousin CP

Cousin KP

Z-Man got a special treat - a tractor ride with Grandpa on his restored John Deere.

Grandma Betty got to meet Zoe for the first time.  They liked each other a lot!

Zoe got really interested in daddy's watch:

I love how intent she gets when she's figuring things out.

There will be more family times over the next few days - we're looking forward to seeing everyone!


6 Months!

As of yesterday we have known Zoe for 6 months.  Can you believe it?  I can't - it's gone by so fast!

Sunday we spent the morning at church and then drove across Illinois and part of Iowa toward a family reunion.  No. 1 Son took some cool photos along the way - the extended sunset going West was gorgeous.

We didn't really celebrate our meeting day yesterday - we spent most of the day traveling.  We did stop for a while at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha to check it out.  They have some really great exhibits!