New Things

Zoe's life lately has been full-to-the-brim of new things.  New brothers, new sister, new foods (cold foods), new language, animals in the house (she LOVES the dog and cats, they don't so much like her much), gifts to open, people, friends, a car seat.  Considering all the new things, she is adjusting amazingly well.

We continue to discover new things about Zoe.  She loves to have her legs and feet rubbed and lotioned.  She adores music, and will sing La La La whenever music comes on.  She likes to drum with her daddy's drumsticks.  She loves baths.  She hates cribs.  She very much likes to be clean.  She understands just about everything we say to her, and she's starting to repeat sounds.  She gets sad at night sometimes.

Zoe has passed several milestones since we've known her - her first scoot (becoming mobile) December 7.  Her first pulling to stand December 20.  Her first standing alone (she was so proud!) December 27.  Her first cruising - from the couch to the footstool - December 29.  Notice a trend here?  She's definitely on the move!

Here's a couple cutie pie pictures for your enjoyment:

MMMM - Oatmeal!

And speaking of new things - The Artist was cast as Edmund in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  He's thrilled to have such a major role, and decided to get an Edmund haircut.

Here is he before the cut  - looking handsome but shaggy.

And after - a perfect Edmund - and a pretty cute Artist!

No. 1 Son is also in the show - as a evil wolf and as Father Christmas.  No haircut allowed for him.  If you are local and can come see the show, it should be great.  Click here for more info.  We'd love to see you there!


A Beautiful Christmas

A very Blessed Christmas to everyone!  I hope your holiday was full of joy and the presence of our Saviour.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve - some good friends came over and we sang carols and hung around together.  Drama Queen accompanied us on the piano.

We've discovered that Zoe likes to sing.  She La-la-la's right along with us when there is music.

Our gifts were up on a table to keep little hands from demolishing them too soon - here's a pic of our tree.

The Artist had wrapped most of the presents that were not for him.  He got into making them interesting and beautiful - here are some examples of his ribbon art attachments for the gifts.  I love how he thinks outside the box!

Our lingering jet lag made for an early Christmas morning - we woke Drama Queen up at 6:00 am to join the rest of us for presents.

The Man's sister and her family came in from Nebraska.  Zoe had a good time getting to know her cousin - trading her bear and doll back and forth.

We ended our day with dinner in Chinatown.  It was busy over there - we weren't the only people with the idea.  It was a wonderful Christmas!  Hope yours was wonderful too.


Winter Wonderfest

One of the only things the boys asked to do for our shortened Christmas season was go to the Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier, so the other day I took them, Zoe and a friend and headed downtown.  It was busier than I had hoped, but they still had a good time. 

Z-Man loves the slides.

There was a skating rink, which The Artist and Z-Man both tried out.  Their friend was a much more experienced skater, so he helped Z get moving on the ice.

Zoe watched from the sidelines.

She got to enjoy throwing around foam balls - it only took one or two times of showing her for her to catch on.

She's adjusting well to life here in Chicagoland.  She keeps waking up around 3:00 AM, which is a challenge for Mama, but that will end eventually.  In the meantime she's definitely making herself at home.


Still on China time

I feel like my body still wants to live on China time.  Zoe is having the same problem.  She woke up at 3:30 this morning, and we began our day.  They she took a 5 hour nap this afternoon/evening.  I joined her for the nap - it makes the 3:30 do-able.

Zoe had a fun bath last night - she doesn't even mind water on her face!

She was in a great mood afterward and played with Drama Queen.

Today she and Z-Man had a nice game of chase going - until I got too close and distracted her.  Here's a little video I took.  To see it click HERE.

Maybe tomorrow we'll be on a more normal schedule?

To good not to share.

A friend who recently adopted a little Chinese sweetheart shared a blog post with me that is too good not to share.  You can read it by clicking here.

Thanks to my friends and family for being fabulous through this process!


Day 22 - Travel HOME!

Just a quick note to say we have safely arrived back in our home in Chicagoland.  It was a very long day, but Zoe took it like the little adventurer she is.

Waiting in the airport

Entertaining herself with the wipes

 Meeting Drama Queen

Zoe has decided that Drama Queen is one of us.  She goes to her willingly and likes to play with her.  Considering she has rejected everyone but us up to this point, she really is one smart cookie.

More later - jet lag is no fun :(


Hong Kong Day 21

Today we just hung around the hotel.  We are soooo ready to come home - we didn't even go sightseeing.  That worked well for Zoe.  She got a long nap.

She also tried out the hotel pool.  Not a fan.  Not a fan at all.

We sat for a while and watched the brothers.  Still not a fan.

Most of the rest of the day was spent like this:

and this:

Though Zoe managed to have some fun just hanging out eating french fries.  This girl is going to go into french fry withdrawal when we get home.

Love this face :')   

Here we are at the restaurant at dinner.  Yes that is The Man hanging her upside down.  We are so classy.

No blog tomorrow - we're going HOME!


Hong Kong Day 20

We are in another beautiful Marriott.  I had no idea how comfortable their hotels were - very nice.  We are on the island that the airport is on right off Hong Kong.  Here is the view out our window - beautiful, but so much smog!

Today was a Disney sort of day.  Turns out there is a Disneyland in Hong Kong - so while The Man did some meetings to pay for this trip, the kids and I went to Disney.

They have a new area called Toy Story Land.  Only three rides, but they did an awesome job creating the atmosphere.

The only ride we took Zoe on was the Winnie the Pooh ride.  She was not a fan.

Waaay to much stimulation.

She took a decent nap while the boys explored and rode some rides.

She had a lot more fun when we let her get down and scoot around.  She really liked the light in the ground. 

And the hit of the day was the Buzz Lightyear Light Up Noise Making Laser Weapon.  She loved it!!!

We are so ready to come home!.  Tomorrow we hang around the hotel, and repack for the plane ride.  And then home!


Guangzhou Day 19 and Travel

Today we went to a friend's house in Guangzhou.  It was beautiful, and there was a little girl there close to Zoe's age to play with.  She was still a little timid, but seemed to enjoy it.  Unfortunately, we left the camera at the hotel - so not many pics today.

After packing up, we picked up Zoe's visa and headed to the train station.  Little one left her home country by train, arriving in Hong Kong ready for dinner and bed.

Considering her short naps, she did brilliantly.

Here's a bit of us hanging out in the bus I think you will enjoy - click the link to watch it or copy and paste:



Guangzhou Day 19

Today we went to the American Consulate to take our oath.  This makes Zoe a citizen when she reaches American soil.  Unfortunately, they don't allow cameras at the Consulate.  Tomorrow we got back and pick up her passport and to on to Hong Kong by train.

It was a relaxed sort of day - we spent an hour or so wandering around the park near out hotel.  China has the most amazing, manicured parks - and they are always busy.  Here are a few pictures from our day.

Zoe continues to become more comfortable with us, and she rejects anyone else that gets close.  This is very, very good.  She will now let The Man hold her and feed her, and she even went down for a nap for him today.  She still prefers the Mama, though.

Love that girl!