Nanchang Day 11

Today our itinerary was all about a trip to WalMart.  In China, living near a WalMart raises your property values. It is not like American WalMart - it is kind of like a cross between a JCPenneys and a Jewel.

The Nanchang WalMart we went to had four floors - the top was a movie theater, the 3rd was clothing and electronics, toys and baby stuff.  There was a very nice selection of foot baths - probably 30 different kinds.  Also, lots of space heaters, since homes here do not have central heating and it gets down into the 40s at night.  2nd Level was food, and the first floor was a mall.  Right outside the door to the WalMart was a kids playroom with the oddest play area - apparently the whole point of this rotating thing was to bonk the babies as they swung (slowly) around.

We did not go in.

Zoe and I took a little break while The Man went to find a shaver to replace the one he fried in the bathroom outlet.  No luck, but it was a nice break.

I think the oddest product we saw there was chocolate flavored microwave popcorn.

While Zoe napped, Z-Man rearranged the playroom.

After a good long nap, we went to a nearby restaurant that caters to locals and Westerners.  We got some really, really good french fries.

And some frou-frou juice drinks.

Zoe wasn't so sure about the drink umbrella being on her head.  I don't blame her.

And to finish off the post today - here are two more pics of the pretty girl, just 'cause.


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  2. She is absolutely gorgeous! I'm loving every single picture! (And tell Z-Man his smile makes me smile, too.)

  3. I can't wait for you all to get home so I can hold her myself!!! She is absolutely the cutest thing EVER!!!!!! Love and miss you all!!!!