Hong Kong Day 20

We are in another beautiful Marriott.  I had no idea how comfortable their hotels were - very nice.  We are on the island that the airport is on right off Hong Kong.  Here is the view out our window - beautiful, but so much smog!

Today was a Disney sort of day.  Turns out there is a Disneyland in Hong Kong - so while The Man did some meetings to pay for this trip, the kids and I went to Disney.

They have a new area called Toy Story Land.  Only three rides, but they did an awesome job creating the atmosphere.

The only ride we took Zoe on was the Winnie the Pooh ride.  She was not a fan.

Waaay to much stimulation.

She took a decent nap while the boys explored and rode some rides.

She had a lot more fun when we let her get down and scoot around.  She really liked the light in the ground. 

And the hit of the day was the Buzz Lightyear Light Up Noise Making Laser Weapon.  She loved it!!!

We are so ready to come home!.  Tomorrow we hang around the hotel, and repack for the plane ride.  And then home!

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