Day 22 - Travel HOME!

Just a quick note to say we have safely arrived back in our home in Chicagoland.  It was a very long day, but Zoe took it like the little adventurer she is.

Waiting in the airport

Entertaining herself with the wipes

 Meeting Drama Queen

Zoe has decided that Drama Queen is one of us.  She goes to her willingly and likes to play with her.  Considering she has rejected everyone but us up to this point, she really is one smart cookie.

More later - jet lag is no fun :(


  1. Yay!!!! Welcome home! Fabulous! Alex and I are elated for your entire family, and love your images. Now REST and nest. God is good, indeed. xo. Laura Garcia

  2. I can't think of a better way to spend Christmas. Rest up and enjoy Zoe's first Christmas as part of your wonderful family.

  3. Zoe is the best Christmas gift EVER!!! God is awesome. You are all awesome and so lovely and inspiring. I cannot wait to meet her.
    Megan Parker