A New Look

Sweet Zoe's hair was getting pretty long, so Drama Queen and I decided it was time for her first haircut.  She had been shaved at least twice in China, but had never had a real cut before.  So off we went to our local salon.  Zoe wasn't too sure about the whole thing.

 Once she realized Mama was staying close, though, she was fine.

Silly Faces

Looking Adorable

Isn't she beautiful!!!



We had two very special birthdays last week, so I thought I should share some photos.

The first birthday was Mr. Z-Man, who turned 8 years old.

He received several new Beyblades, making his battles even more fun.

He also got cards from his sweet grandparents with some money he was quite excited about.

One of his favorite gifts was a Krazy Kar, which is easier shown than explained:

Z-Man wanted a party at Monkey Island, so off we went after Tom Sawyer rehearsals with a bunch of his friends.

Unfortunately, he started feeling sick after a little while, and ended up sleeping on Daddy's lap.

Little miss Zoe had more fun than he did at his party, I'm afraid.

Which brings me to Zoe's 2nd birthday, her first home with us.  We had a quiet little party with our good friends, and she got to open her gifts.  She remembered how that worked from Christmas, and dug right in.  The first gift required some assembly - so The Man and his friend took it on, with a little help from the Birthday Girl.

Cousin Carly sent her a Ladybug Pillow Pet that she loves bouncing around on.

Zoe also got a new baby doll and some doll furniture:

Her favorite part was the baby shoes - she positively crooned over them.

Cake was interesting - she managed to blow the candles out pretty well.

But she wasn't so sure she wanted to eat it.  She preferred feeding it to her baby.

 It was a wonderful weekend of celebrations of two of the best kids in the world!