A Beautiful Christmas

A very Blessed Christmas to everyone!  I hope your holiday was full of joy and the presence of our Saviour.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve - some good friends came over and we sang carols and hung around together.  Drama Queen accompanied us on the piano.

We've discovered that Zoe likes to sing.  She La-la-la's right along with us when there is music.

Our gifts were up on a table to keep little hands from demolishing them too soon - here's a pic of our tree.

The Artist had wrapped most of the presents that were not for him.  He got into making them interesting and beautiful - here are some examples of his ribbon art attachments for the gifts.  I love how he thinks outside the box!

Our lingering jet lag made for an early Christmas morning - we woke Drama Queen up at 6:00 am to join the rest of us for presents.

The Man's sister and her family came in from Nebraska.  Zoe had a good time getting to know her cousin - trading her bear and doll back and forth.

We ended our day with dinner in Chinatown.  It was busy over there - we weren't the only people with the idea.  It was a wonderful Christmas!  Hope yours was wonderful too.

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