Nanchang Day 13

Today was a fun day for the boys.  We went to a local park and walked around for a while.  There was an exercise area the boys got a kick out of.

There were quite a few people in the park exercising, but exercise in China looks different that in the US.  They believe exercise should be gentle, so they move and dance and yell at the lake (seriously) and draw calligraphy on the sidewalk with water.  And play with spinning tops.

I think I could get behind this philosophy of exercise.

Z-Man enjoyed pushing Zoe around the park.

It was a chilly day so she was well bundled.

After walking around for a while, the boys found an amusement park.  They had some great rides you don't find in the US - like Bumper Boats

The very best one looked like a spinning ride at first, but when they got on it they found that is spun slowly and rocked violently - sending them flying around.  They absolutely loved it!

I can only imagine the lawsuits if this one came to the US.

We pretty much wore Zoe out - it was good to get back to the hotel for a nap.


  1. The picture of Z-man pushing Zoe in her stroller is just precious. And I know this is wrong, but I covet Zoe's Hello Kitty pillow. We are big fans of Hello Kitty, Lydia is obsessed. The kids look cuter and cuter in every photo.
    Love, Ang.

  2. great story and pictures. keep them coming.

  3. The Hello Kitty pillow was a gift from the hotel - very nice touch.