Guangzhou Day 19 and Travel

Today we went to a friend's house in Guangzhou.  It was beautiful, and there was a little girl there close to Zoe's age to play with.  She was still a little timid, but seemed to enjoy it.  Unfortunately, we left the camera at the hotel - so not many pics today.

After packing up, we picked up Zoe's visa and headed to the train station.  Little one left her home country by train, arriving in Hong Kong ready for dinner and bed.

Considering her short naps, she did brilliantly.

Here's a bit of us hanging out in the bus I think you will enjoy - click the link to watch it or copy and paste:



  1. Glad you got to meet Robert, and Zoe got to meet little RuYi. Farewell to Guangzhou, the coolest spot on the Mainland.

  2. Mizz Zoe, I am friend for U. I am almost too yearz old. Mine birf-day comin beary soon. I am happee to be meetin' U beary soon. U iz gonna luv yours fambily. Them's iz good peoples. Yours MAMA can tell U who dis is from. I will see U soon! (sorry mine typin' and spellin' not so good. I still pritty little. but, probably your readin of English needs help like mine spellin. Oh well. The MAMAs can help. They good like dat.)

    sent wif luv from the youngest of a fambily that LUVS kiddos our age - and i typeded this sleepin on mine MAMA's lap! Enjoy yours MAMA's lap. God made it for cuddlin'.