Nanchang Day 10 Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our day together.  Zoe spent a lot of time playing with the boys.  The hotel has a great playroom on our floor for adoptive families, so we spent a lot of time there.

After a bit of a nap, she also spent some time in our room hanging out.

Doesn't she look tough in No. 1 Son's hat?

She likes to look at the photo book with our pictures inside that we sent her at the orphanage.

She tried her first french fry, but wasn't impressed.  Actually, neither was I - they were kind of cold and soggy.

She was also not impressed by her bath, though she tolerated it okay.

What a cutie!


  1. I love waking up and reading your posts and looking at the pictures! She is so cute and the boys look so cute with her! She is going to receive so much love and attention! Can't wait til you guys are home!

  2. Again, haven't gotten the hang of this... From Nancy Smith!

  3. Adorable!! What a lucky girl to have such an amazing family with awesome siblings! -Laura Garcia