Lijiang Day 5

Lijiang is the most beautiful place I have ever been.  It doesn't hurt that our hotel is absolutely gorgeous.  The rooms all open outside to a corridor with a little river/fountain with fish.

The water comes flowing out of the mouth of a dragon right outside our room.

We went into a section of the city that is ancient, full of shops and Naxi people (the local native population).

We met up with Uncle B, who lived here for four years, and he showed us around.  He speaks Mandarin, so it is really nice to have him around :')

We met a man with a trained bird - some sort of falcon?  It was HUGE, and he let the boys hold it.

The Artist needed some help - it was so heavy.

The ancient city of Lijiang has a river running through it - right under the streets in some places.

This bridge dates back to before the year 1200.

We went to a famous park and walked around for a while - it was just gorgeous.

You can seen Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the back - partially covered by clouds.  It is 18,000 feet high.

Tomorrow we will head out of town and see some countryside.


  1. Sooooooo jealous!!!! Glad you are having a wonderful time.

    Love, Ang.

  2. These Photos are just sooo beautiful!!!

  3. Gorgeous,moving, great photos!
    I believe that is a golden eagle (I was married to a falconer for 12 years ;)

  4. More shots of Uncle B., please. He's looking more and more Asian... or Vulcan.