Care Package

Today we are sending a care package to Zoe at her Social Welfare Institute.  We used RedThreadChina.com so that the Institute would not have to pay import fees to receive the package. Anne at RedThread sent these pictures of what is inside the package - two outfits, a soft blanket, a toy, some hair clips, a photo album, a camera and a letter with some candy for her caretakers.

She will get this soft photo album with these pictures inside.  I don't know what the labels say...

The camera has her name on it.  Hopefully we will receive it back when we meet Zoe with pictures of her life inside.

Anne did a beautiful job choosing items.    She is also asking for an update on Zoe, so it is possible we might get new measurements and even pictures!  That would be such a blessing! 


  1. Hey!!
    I am so sorry. I have been having the hardest time posting to your blog. I think it must be my other computers.
    We took size 12-18 months. Only one thing was way to big-it was Carters. It was more for a big baby. Julia is long and lean.
    Shoes-we took size 6. We were so off-not even a 4.
    Any other questions-email me at jcampbell295@charter.net.
    So happy for you!!! :)

  2. We will be travelling with you most likely! We are also a Great Wall family and I got the email today for Art 5 and 3-8 weeks for TA. :) Good times! Our blog is one my husband has had for a few years and we have recently expanded it to include our adoption. (gregdespres.com)
    Congratulations on being at one of the last steps!!