We got Pre-Approval today for our adoption of our little one! Hooray! We are all excited and a little scared :') It still feels unreal that after all this time we know who she is!

We should be able to travel to get her somewhere between November and February.

I've been looking at her pictures, trying to figure out what she actually looks like live and in person. I suspect she has the kind of beautiful eyes that almost disappear when she smiles, but it's hard to tell because she is so serious in all her photos. We will be able to post her pictures and her name once we get our next document from China, hopefully in 5 to 8 weeks.

We still don't know her actual measurements. Hopefully we will get at least one update before we travel so we know what size clothes to buy for her.

We are very blessed.


  1. I'm so happy for all of you. I've been following this story for a very long time and I am so glad to hear great news!!

    My mom and dad decided to adopt when I was a teen. I watched them hand-write letters and fill out hundreds of applications. I watched the denials pour in (not the right religion, you already have children, you are too old...etc....etc.). I watched as opportunity after opportunity slipped through their fingers. Joy and anticipation replaced by so much sadness and disappointment.

    Then...a month before I turned 18...we got a call from The Edna Gladney Home. A boy. Four months old. Something wrong but in all their medical testing, they can't figure it out. Were we interested? Of course!! By now we'd learned not to get our hopes up. Life goes on. Chores get done. We tried not to think about it after so many disappointments before. But just a few days later we got another call "Can you come get him tomorrow?"

    In a matter of 24 hours we went from a family of five to a family of six with the new addition of an infant boy. No furniture. No baby clothes. We were starting all over. But SO MUCH JOY! And he was perfectly normal! He had orphanage syndrome and went from physically stiff and unresponsive (no sounds or crying) to melting in our arms after just a few days of love and physical touch. Today, I'm very proud of my six foot six brother who is a policeman with two beautiful 2 year old twins of his own.

    So...I can't wait to share your family's joy when you bring her home.

    Much love,

    ~Shelley Ellis