Renaissance Faire

No. 1 Son's 13th birthday is coming up, and more than anything he loves to go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. So Sunday we grabbed three friends and his brothers and spent the day there.

They love to bungee bounce on a trampoline. The Artist can do multiple flips in mid-air - it's pretty amazing to watch.

This picture shows Z-Man and No. 1 Son both bouncing at the same time.

Z-Man likes to go high, but doesn't try flipping yet.

No. 1 Son has been saving for months and months to buy something awesome at the Faire this year. He chose Bear Claw gauntlets, which I must say are quite intimidating. He seems pleased.

One of the favorite parts of the Faire is when the regular commoners take on the "Barbarians" and try to capture their sacred helmet. You can see No. 1 Son right in the front middle with a brown cape on, ready to attack.

He also loves the sparring ring.

The Artist got some pretty awesome fire face paint done.

Z-Man's biggest score was a working miniature catapult that shoots marshmallows. We now have miniature marshmallows all over the house.

The snow cone was a nice break.

No. 1 Son makes a sandwich out of any meal. We took the friends and brothers out to Golden Corral - a perfect place for teenage boys. He made a sandwich with his steak and mashed potatoes on their yummy yeast rolls.

All in all it was a very appropriate 13th birthday celebration.

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  1. So nice to see your guys enjoying themselves. Those bear claws are very formidable. Just think in 3 years he will be 16 and driving!