Back from Camp

Today I picked up my two youngest boys from Camp Timber-lee in Wisconsin. Our family has been going to this camp for 7 years now, so we know it well. They both had a great time. This was Z-Man's first camp experience, and he's ready to go back for more next summer. I think he would go for a whole week if they would let him, but he will still have to do their starter-camp for two nights until he's in 4th grade.

Here are some pictures of the boys at the nature center at the camp. They LOVED the snakes. Z is convinced he would be willing to feed the snakes if only I would allow one at home, but I know better. And then who would get stuck feeding the snakes their mice? Not gonna happen.

The Artist and his friend attended horse camp, so of course we had to go check in with the horses before we left. He sure does love animals!

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