For the last 5 years we have been blessed to have a beautiful faux-finish paint on the walls of the three big joined rooms on our main floor. It looked like parchment, and we all loved it. But I found out the hard way that you can't patch faux-finish and have it look decent, and after five years there was some serious patching needed.

So we have taken on the project of repainting three large rooms with many odd angles and surfaces.

Drama Queen has decided that this is her project, and spent hours today painting and sanding the spackle that I put on.

Z-Man very much wants to help, so we let him handle the paint brush for a while.

Painting sure takes over the whole house. It's a mess getting everything away from the walls. And I'm afraid that I'm going to hate the biegeness of the rooms, but I'm afraid of making the house dark if I put up the colors I would really like.

I told Drama Queen we can always go back and add color after the beige is done. Maybe just putting the paintings back on the walls will help?

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