I miss her

Yesterday at church I was sitting in the back, as I often do. It is open back there, and moms of crawlers and toddlers often sit there and to give their kids some space. And I realized that I would probably be sitting there all the time once our little one is home, at least for a few months until I am ready to let her go into the nursery.

I miss her. It feels the same as when my older kids are away at camp. Like a part of me is somewhere else. She needs to come home. Now. But of course the masters of the papers will keep that from happening for at least 2 or 3 more months, maybe more.

And so I think of her as she learns to walk. As she sits in the little cart/high chairs the kids spend a lot of time in. As she sleeps while we are awake and plays while we sleep. As she lives in an institution instead of a family, even though she is already a beloved daughter. And I miss her.

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