It finally happened...

After 40+ years of being blessed with great eyesight, my eyes have finally started to rebel. Earlier this week I noticed that my left eye was twitching when I looked at things that were close. I could still read and see fine, so I was a bit nervous about what could possibly make my eye twitch.

Luckily Drama Queen and Z had eye exams scheduled, so while I was there I asked the eye doctor a couple of questions, and she did one simple test and proclaimed me over 40. It seems that she sees people all the time who suddenly can't see after then turn 40 - some of them on their actual birthday. So I got a bonus year and a half.

The doctor recommended proceeding to Walgreens and trying on reading glasses. Sure enough, when I tried on the 1.25 glasses I could suddenly see details I hadn't known I was missing. And my eye stopped twitching immediately. Turns out the twitching was muscle strain.

So here they are - the first of many pairs I am sure.

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  1. After reading your post about needing to get reading glasses, I had to share what happened to my wife.

    When we first married, she wore glasses, since she was nearsighted. But then through a series of events, she discovered that she no longer needs to wear glasses.

    You can read all the details here: