A Christmas Carol

Drama Queen just finished her last day as Fred (Scrooge's nephew) in A Christmas Carol, a Play of Movement and Puppetry. She did an awesome job as Fred, as well as Belinda Cratchitt and the Undertaker. The whole show was done with enormous puppets that the cast was inside, so all the inflection came from movement and voice, as well as lighting and sound design. I hope to post pictures soon. We weren't allowed to take pictures, but a photographer came and took some posed pictures of the kids and their puppets.

I'm proud of Drama Queen and her first role at her performing arts school. She got a big role and did it very well. Tonight she makes up for all the time spent on the play by doing tons of homeworks and working on her two monologues for Juries on Tuesday. The work seems neverending, and she's really looking forward to Christmas break!

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