Christmas Decorations

I feel very on top of things this year: we have our decorations up and it's only December 1st! The boys and I spent the evening on Monday decorating the tree and putting up the various nativity sets I've collected over the years. So many of our ornaments bring back memories.

Perry managed to get our new angel to stand up straight on top of the tree - no small feat. His final solution involved a wire coat hanger, and it looks beautiful.

Drama Queen got home late from school and play practice, but jumped right in adding garland and lights to the stairs.

Zed most of his time detangling and testing lights. Since he loves anything electrical that was right up his alley.

Now we just need to hang the stockings and hang some more lights. You can never have too many colored lights - at least according to The Artist.

It's not the most beautifully decorated, themed tree in the world, but I think it's just about perfect.

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  1. My wife has to have everything decorated by the end of Thanksgiving weekend, including the outside decorations. This way, we get to enjoy the holiday season a bit longer.

    I always keep my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates!