The Park plus Medical Updates

The weather has been beautiful the last couple of weeks, and we made our first trip to our local park a few days ago.  Zoe was excited to see the brightly colored playground, but wasn't entirely sure about exploring it.  It's hard to have a toddler who can't toddle - she wants to explore but can't take off and run around.

So smart girl enlisted the help of big brother and tried out the slide.

I think she liked it :')

She also met a new friend.  Some friends who traveled to adopt little B a couple of months before we did met us at the park, and they tried out the slide together.

There was a certain amount of normal toddler circling and eyeing each other, but I think they will be good friends.  And doesn't B have the cutest little snowsuit!

Now whenever we pass a park Zoe points and wants to get out.  I'm sure we will be there a lot this summer.

We realized two weeks ago that Zoe has an oddly shaped tongue when she sticks it out.  Depending on how far, it is either square or heart shaped.  So after a little internet searching we confirmed that she is tongue tied.  This means that the little tissue connecting the base of her mouth to the bottom of her tongue is attached too far forward, limiting the use of her tongue.  It explains why certain sounds are difficult, and why drinking from a cup is so messy.  It also explains the occasional drool.  A quick trip to the doctor confirmed it, and another quick visit to an ENT doctor and we have a surgery scheduled for early Monday morning (7:30 to be exact).  They will clip her frenulum, releasing her tongue to move freely.  They tell us it's minor surgery, and that she can eat basically normally right away.  Skeptical me will have the Tylenol ready.

As for Zoe's foot, we have gotten multiple opinions, and are carefully considering and praying about our next step.  We are debating a Symes amputation with a prosthetic vs. limb lengthening.  The biggest factor in our decision is the future functionality of her foot, which highly in doubt.  Please pray for us as we consider our options.

In the meantime, Zoe LOVES shoes.  She loves to have them put on, then take them off and play with them, then have them put on again.  They're even more fun on the hands!

Tired baby!


  1. FWIW: Our neighbor's daughter had the surgery for being tongue tied last summer. She is almost four. It wasn't a big deal for her. She was out playing in the backyard, eating pralines and screaming her cute little head off (because mom wouldn't let her swim in the pool) that same afternoon. Love, Ang.

  2. Our son from Vietnam had that minor surgery but he was 11 at the time. The doctor practically had to chase him around the room to get him to settle down because he was so terrified. We couldn't speak his language as he was new to us as Zoe is to you. What a riot! He survived it but I don't think the doctor was the same. :-)
    Zoe is absolutely adorable. I am so happy you are her forever family and you are all blessed.

  3. She looks so happy!! Look at that gorgeous smile on her beautiful face!!

    Love you guys!

  4. Hi, I just found your glorious blog!

    Aren't all kids the same? Just because we think one way doesn't mean they have to - don't shoes feel great on hands anyway? When you polish your shoes, putting your hand into the footie bit feels sort of secure and cosy.

    When my Tom was three he was still at the age when he wasn't saying words properly. Saying "gloves" was too hard, he just said "Jubs" - and jubs is what they have remained ever since for me.