Happy Birthday, Dad!

My father turns 80 years old this week.  He's lived quite a life so far - especially for a man who grew up on a farm in Southeastern Nebraska.  I had the privilege of traveling with him through London to Mozambique and Kenya a few years ago.  He was an awesome traveling companion - always with interesting observations and comments about people and how they think.

Dad is an awesome grandpa.  He taught Drama Queen and No. 1 Son to drive a car in a field on the farm he grew up on.  He fixes tractors and has a shed Z-Man loves to explore.

He and Mom we able to go with us to the Grand Canyon years ago when Z was a baby.  It was cold!

Mom and Dad have three kids - my brother and sister and I, and soon-to-be 11 Grandkids.  They also have 17 Great Grandkids.  Dad pointed out today that it's not many men who get to have another Grandchild so near their 80th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  Any many more!!!

We love you!

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