Beijing Day 3, Hutong and Tiananmen Square

Today we visited a traditional Chinese neighborhood, called a Hutong, including a rickshaw ride.  We also we up into the Drum Tower that broadcast the time for hundreds of years from the center of the city.

After the Hutong Tour we had a little taste of home at MickyD's.  It was so good!  Of course The Man went down the street and got himself some Baotse instead.

Later we went to Tiananmen Square.  We explained a bit of Chinese history to the boys, and they played with their new toy - something like a combination of a Badminton Birdie and a Hackeysack.

Tomorrow we head to Lijiang.


  1. hahahaha

    I've BEEN to that McDonalds!

    I guess you have left Beijing, if not try DaDong for Peking duck. The kids will love the presentation.

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