Letter of Intent

Yesterday we wrote a very important letter. Our adoption agency asked that we write a Letter of Intent to adopt our little one. This letter was then sent on to China along with a request that her file be returned to our agency.

This letter required us to make certain promises. We promised to teach her about her birth culture and to treat her medical issues, to never abuse or abandon her, and to give her the same rights as our other children. We ended with this sentence, which sums up our heart for this girl: "She will be a precious daughter in our family."

I had wanted to use the words Daughter of this House, but I didn't think that would translate correctly into Mandarin. I've been thinking about the idea of being a Son or Daughter of this House for the last six months or so. The phrase keeps popping into my mind as I'm interacting with the neighborhood kids and my own. I have realized that there is a legitimate difference in the way I treat Frank from down the block and the way I treat my boys. Frank is not a Son of this House, and so does not have the rights and responsibilities of my own sons. If Frank leaves a mess or does something out of line, I can just send him home. If my boys do the same, it reflects on me and my parenting, and I need to help them fix it. When there is a special treat, my kids get first dibs, and hopefully we have enough to invite the neighborhood to share.

Okay, so that may seem obvious to you, but whenever I think this way I fight my American sense of everyone needing to be equal. There really is an advantage to being a Son or Daughter. It makes me feel really grateful that I am a Daughter in God's House, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities that go along with that. I want to instill in my children what a great thing it is to be a Child of this House, and of God's.


  1. Congratulations! I love your new daughter and have been praying for her. We were considering her in January but she was matched before we committed to her. I guess that fell through and now she'll be your precious little one. I am so happy that she has found her family. You are all in my prayers!

    Lisa L

  2. Thank you Perry for sharing this. I hope the adoption goes through for you.

    Susan Steffens

  3. Hello Laura,

    I've been a subscriber to Perry for quite some time now for his Adwords information and advice.

    I got onto his spiritual series recently and received an email from him today talking about your attempts to adopt a little girl from China.

    The email he sent had a link to your blog and I read through your posts and just wanted to let you know that you, and your family, and your hopefully soon to be new daughter, are in my prayers.

    I've often thought about adopting one of these little angels myself, but unfortunately my finances just don't permit it, at least not at this time.

    I'm so thankful for people like you and Perry, who can afford to do it, financially, as well as spiritually. It's a huge undertaking, but I'm sure you'll be able to handle it just fine.

    I'll be checking back and hope to hear good news soon! : )

    Good luck and god bless,
    Mike Hagerty

  4. Hello,

    Like Mike I was also directed here by Perry. A couple of weeks ago I met an amazing lady and her husband who had adopted an abandoned girl from China a few years ago. The lady is very involved with Bethel Sozo in the UK and has found it to be a very useful tool. I highly recommend you look into Bethel Sozo to help you on your way. (It's a way of helping people get past the things that hinder their relationships with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.)

    May Father God's grace and mercy be with you.

    Adam Burke

  5. Adam,

    Sozo is GREAT and I've been trained to do it. It's done wonders for us, how could I not pass it on? I was just at Bethel Redding 2 weeks go. If people only knew how effective Sozo is....


  6. Great Post Laura. I like your idea of OUR children not being treated equally with others...but better!!! The beauty of that - from a Spiritual perspective - is that the opportunity to be a child of God (and the benefits that come with it) is available to all.

    Dr. George

  7. Just read Perry's post from Isaiah 58... wonderful. I'll use that for my next sermon.

    Love to you as you take on this new part of your lives. May your love for all your children, including the new Daughter in the House know no bounds.

    Blessings to all your family.


  8. First of all, I really enjoyed seeing the family picture, in front of the house with all the kiddos!

    By the way, do you have a name yet for your new daughter?

    I pray that all goes well with your adoption.