Today is a sad day for Zoe, though she doesn't realize it yet.  For about a year now a wonderful woman named Susan has been coming to work with Zoe, giving her physical therapy through Early Intervention.  Zoe LOVES Susan.  When she is sad or we won't give her what she wants, she will look at me and say "Susan coming."  It's become her security phrase.  And until today, I have been able to answer "Yes, Susan is coming."  But not after today.  You see, Early Intervention only goes until the child is three, and Little Miss turns 3 this Sunday.  And honestly, Zoe is doing so very well with her Mimi (her prosthesis) that she doesn't really need the physical therapy any more.

So this blog post is dedicated to Susan, who came and gave my little girl focused, loving, gently pushing attention for an hour each week.  Thank you!

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  1. she's so precious! so fun to see that she is growing up into a beautiful little girl!