God uses a Little Foot

Wow it's been a while since I posted.  We've done Christmas, New Years, Zoe's 1 year home, two shows and my birthday.  Dang.  I may have to go back and revisit some of those eventually.

I am back because I was reminded this weekend of the power God has to use simple things for His glory. 

We have a beautiful young woman at church that I have spoken with a few times.  I will call her Sheryl here.  I don't know Sheryl well at all.  She is a native of Zoe's country who has been living here for some time.

Thursday night I was at a conference at church, and Sheryl came up to me.  She said she had been meaning to tell me something for quite a while.  She reminded me that when Zoe was newly home, I would go to the front of the church with her during worship and sit on the floor and let her enjoy the music up close.  Sheryl usually sat a few rows back, and apparently she was watching me sit and love on my new daughter - the one with 10 fingers and 7 1/2 toes. 

You see Sheryl's parents used to tell her that when she was born they asked the doctor to count her fingers and toes.  They told her that if there had been more or less than 10 of each they wouldn't have taken her home.  Luckily she had all her fingers and toes, and all was well.  But Sheryl has been living with a sense of needing to be good enough to be loved.  Our amazing God used my love for our precious Zoe - and even her little foot - to show Sheryl that He loves her exactly as he made her.

I cried when she told me her story, and gave her a big hug.  But the healing of her heart had already been accomplished by God.

Sheryl's story reminded me that the simple things we do can be used to speak God's love to people's hearts.  And that being obedient to Him in pursuing wonderful, silly, amazing Zoe across the continents was worth it in ways we may never know.

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