Well, most of the summer has gone by since I posted.  We've been enjoying a nice blend of activities and sitting around.  Probably the best thing that happened this summer is that No. 1 Son decided it was time to be baptized.  We headed into chilly Lake Michigan with our church and under he went.  Click HERE to see a video.

Another great part of our summer was the two weeks No. 1 Son and The Artist spent working on and performing in Les Mis with a local theater company.   What an experience!

The awesome cast

ValJean and Fantine

Gavroche with Fantine

The boys also got to be in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as Ruben and Benjamin - another awesome experience! 

No. 1 Son is the one in stripes, The Artist is right beside him in the colorful vest.

Obviously, the boys have had an amazing summer of acting.

Z-Man has had a much more laid back summer.  He's been scootering, riding his bike, doing some swimming, and playing lots and lots of Minecraft.  He can build some amazing stuff on that game!

Drama Queen has had a fairly busy summer.  She spent time traveling with No. 1 Son and her dad, and then spent 2 weeks in Montreal at a French language immersion camp.  Add 4 weeks of drivers education to that, and you have a full summer.  Her school starts this week, and away we go into another year of learning and drama.

No pics of her - I'll try to get some soon.

I have to share a picture of the most creative use of Duct Tape I have ever seen.  The Artist cut his foot and found it hard to keep an band-aid on, so he just fashioned a shoe for himself.  It even comes on and off!


And now for some random pics of our little Zoe just for fun:

Hope your summer has been as great as ours!

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  1. He'll remember that baptism for the rest of his life