Good stuff

A big congratulations is due to our Drama Queen.  She won Best Classical Monologue at her Juries yesterday.  Great stuff!  And if you are confused (like I was) Juries are when all the students in the theater department - Freshmen through Seniors - present a classical and a contemporary monologue to an audience and a judge.  Yesterday's judge was Jane Brody, who teaches acting at The Theatre School and has been an award winning casting director for films like Fargo and Groundhog Day.  So it's pretty great that she judged Drama Queen's Lady MacBeth as the best classical piece of the show.  So proud!

(No pictures of her because she's camera shy)

As for little one, I think I am going to start calling her Stinkerbell.  I found the nickname on a friend's blog, and it suits her perfectly!  She is into everything!  We are getting a second opinion on her leg this week, so for now we're just living life.

Zoe is making major progress on the mobility front.  My big brother and his wife gave her an enormous teddy bear - bigger than her.  Who could have known it would be the perfect therapy tool?  Zoe sat on it (as any toddler would) and realized she felt safe there.  So she started standing up on her own.

She was sooooo proud!

Since then she has been standing alot - even without the bear.  Two days ago Drama Queen swears she saw her take a step on her own.  She'll be walking any day now.

The other day my boys wanted to make Peanut Butter Balls for some friends who have moved into the neighborhood.  They had a blast, and so did little sis:

She decided to tell them how to do the job.

And once more, some random pics of cuteness for your viewing pleasure:


  1. Whaddya mean Drama Queen is camera shy?! Phhht.... hold her down! :P -Love Ang.

  2. I love the all-teeth close-up. Hilarious!

  3. I love seeing how happy Zoe is finally being at home where she belongs! She looks so fiesty and full of life!