Spring Break

Last week the kids and I got away for a much needed break. We went to Ocala, Florida to spend time with some friends, and had four days of great fun.

We spent multiple hours over several days at a wonderful place called Charlie Horse Ranch in Ocala, Florida. The kids got to learn Polocross and go on a trail ride, and they loved the horses! The people there were awesome! If you are in the area check them out at http://www.cactusjackstrailrides.com

Z absolutely loved everything about the horses.

We spent two days in Orlando at Disney and Sea World/Aquatica. I hung with the younger guys, and Drama Queen and No. 1 Son took off together park-hopping.

Proof Drama Queen and No. 1 Son can get along!

We had the best balloon animal maker ever make stuff for us at Landry's in Orlando. Drama Queen got a flamingo:

Our friends got a shark hat:

And The Artist asked for a orange and purple caterpillar on a leaf made into a hat. And he made it!

No. 1 Son asked for a scorpion:

We also spent some time at a Manatee habitat and rescue center.

All in all, it was an awesome trip!

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