Catch the Fire

I'm here in Toronto for a few days at the Catch the Fire Ministries Pastors and Leaders Conference. (Catch the Fire used to be called Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship.) There are some great speakers here, but people really come here for the presence of the Spirit and the ministry time, which is amazing.

I arrived yesterday afternoon. It took almost a whole day before I was able to settle in and engage with the conference. I came in with a few things on my heart that I felt needed breakthrough. There is an issue of freedom, an issue of forgiveness, and a sort of a block or barrier I want to break down.

This morning Carol Arnott spoke on the Baptism of Fire. She believes there are three baptisms referred to in the Bible - the one of water, the one of the Spirit, and the one of Fire. She shared some great personal stories, and then had the attendees line up around the main room. Those of you who have been here know that there are lines in the carpeting placed very strategically so that people can stand on them, and when they fall down they won't fall into the line behind them.

It's amazing to watch Carol and her team go around at a ministry time like that. Hundreds of people were lined up, and Carol went from person to person - down each line - praying FIRE over everyone. She touched each person on the head, and at least 9 out of 10 fell to the ground immediately. Her husband and another church leader followed behind, praying over the people still standing. After their ministry probably 99 out of 100 had fallen, though there was no shame laid on those who still stood. She progressed so quickly that the catchers were running to keep ahead of her after they had laid each person gently to the ground.

I stood at the beginning of a line, worshipping and waiting for the team to arrive at our section. I told God I was open to whatever He wanted to do, but I was not going to fall just for show. I smiled at Carol as she came over to me, and as she touched my head and said Baptism of Fire my knees grew weak and I collapsed backward. It actually felt a lot like a benign electric shock, complete with twitches.

My mind was still completely active though my body was down, and the presence of God was heavy. I realized this was a good chance to have a dialogue with God about my needs for breakthrough. As I brought each need to Him, He gave me a clear internal answer. His voice is gentle and always loving, and He is often funny, but today we were doing serious business.

About my need for breakthrough of my barrier, God said it is not time yet - that my barrier serves a good purpose and I can trust Him with the timing.

About my need for breakthrough in forgiveness, He gave me peace. I was able to give this person over to God, and He removed my judgment and my need for explanation or apology. Praise God, that is freeing!

About my need for breakthrough in freedom, He said I already have it, to walk in my freedom. I get the impression that it is like baby steps - unsteady and full of falls, but always getting better. I just need to step out.

I look forward to what else this conference may hold!

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  1. Hope the rest of the conference was just as awesome as this post discribes it!